Our Story

Fencasa was created to provide beautiful, natural curtains that add a touch of serenity to your windows and bi-folds. We've worked hard to ensure only the best fabrics and finishes are used to create stunning panels at an affordable price point.

The name comes from combining the French word for window (fenêtre) with the Spanish word for house (Casa) - which is founded on our love of European culture and artisan design.

We want to remove the confusion from buying curtains and sheers to give you a relaxed shopping experience. All our panels are available in one simple full length drop, to allow your curtains to pool or puddle on the floor on shorter windows, or sit just above the skirting board on longer windows.    Our panels are also available from our good friends at Net Curtains Direct, who will also alter the panels to your exact lengths on request.

We are working hard to source ethical and sustainable materials from carefully selected factories, and aim to have a 100% recycled or natural fibre range within the next 3 years.   Our Honour Recycled Eyelet panel is made from 100% recycled fibres and we will continue to expand our range as we develop.

We thank you for shopping from a small independent brand, and we hope you love our sheers as much as we do.