Wave Voiles Heading


Wave creates a simple elegant look, creating smooth continuous waves from the top to the very bottom of your curtain. This contemporary design requires no dressing to create perfect waves, as the Silent Gliss track does all the work for you. If you require optimum stack back this is the heading for you!

Our wave heading is available in any of our voile or curtain fabrics and is available as 60mm or 80mm spacing. Please consider the pattern repeat if selecting a busy printed fabric, if the pattern is very small this will be distorted by the waves and will look uneven when hung.

Requesting a Quote

When requesting a quote or placing an order for wave curtains we need to know the following information:

- Track width: This heading is only compatible with a Silent Gliss track

- Glider spacing: 60mm or 80mm

- Exact curtain drop

With Silent Gliss heading tape you have two options of spacing, 60mm and 80mm. The spacing will determine the depth of your waves, choosing 60mm spacing will require more fabric but will give you smaller waves.

When ordering wave you need to consider the following information:

- 60mm spacing - 50mm is required both behind and in front of the track.

- 80mm spacing - 70mm is required both behind and in front of the track

When installing your track to the ceiling please consider the above as this will ensure the curtains glide freely.

How to measure for wave voile curtains:

When taking measurements we will always recommend you install your track or pole first and use a metal tape measure. This will ensure the measurements you provide us for a quotation will be as accurate as possible.

< Find out more about our installation service.

Wave voiles and curtains stack back beautifully with minimal space required. Due to the nature of wave, these curtains can only be suspended underneath the curtain track. When installing the track you will need to either top fix the track to the ceiling or use a face fixing bracket to project the curtain away from the wall. This is to allow the curtain to wave behind and in front of the track.

Once your track has been successfully installed, measure from the centre of the glider to where you want the curtain to finish. With wave curtains the drop needs to clear the floor by at least 12mm

If you are unable to install your track first, we will need to know the depth of your track or pole position so we can calculate your drop for you. Most of our tracks and poles are ready for immediate despatch unless they are made to order, but these only take up to 7 days to be made to your exact sizes. From experience it is worth waiting a little longer to ensure your measurements are exact, this is crucial to adding the final touches to your interior project.

There is one rule with wave curtains - they cannot be used as black out curtains, because this style will let light through both top and bottom. Standard lining can be attached if required


We offer a free sample service of all our fabric range, simply add samples to your cart when you are on the product page. You can select up to 5 samples at a time, we understand that you will be spoilt for choice however try and narrow your selection down as much as possible. You can always come back and order more when you know exactly what you want. If you have a detailed project or would like to ask us questions please do not hesitate to email us on hello@fencasa.com we are more than happy to supply a no obligation quote for a made to measure order.

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