Slot Top Heading

Slot Top

Slot top is a channel that runs through the top of the fabric and is most commonly used for net and voile curtains. Our standard slot top measures 4cm with a 1cm stand up, depending on the diameter this can be made to any depth required.

Requesting a Quote

When requesting a quote or placing an order for slot top voile curtains we need to know the following information:

- Net rod or pole width, this heading is not compatible with a track

- Diameter of pole, if your pole is more than 1.9cm you will require a bespoke slot top

- Preferred Fullness: 1.5-3x Depending on how full you would like the curtains. We recommend 2.5x to achieve the best look and allow for privacy

If you require a bespoke slot simply advise us of the diameter of your rod/pole and we will work out what size slot you require - you can choose the stand-up to be as big or as little as you want.

How to measure for slot top voile curtains:

When taking measurements we will always recommend you install your track or pole first and use a metal tape measure. This will ensure the measurements you provide us for a quotation will be as accurate as possible.

< Find out more about our installation service.

Once your net rod pole has been successfully installed, measure from the top of your pole to where you want the curtain to finish. Giving us the exact curtain drop will mean less room for error at the production stage. If you choose to have a bigger stand up this will need to be considered in the overall drop you provide. Please advise us at the quoting stage.

If you are unable to install your net rod or pole first, you will need to measure inside the window reveal and deduct 1cm to allow for clearance across the window sill. We have a wide range of twist and fit tension rods, net curtains rods and poles ready for immediate despatch. Why not order these together with your samples to get the perfect measurement.


We offer a free sample service of all our fabric range, simply add samples to your cart when you are on the product page. You can select up to 5 samples at a time, we understand that you will be spoilt for choice however try and narrow your selection down as much as possible. You can always come back and order more when you know exactly what you want. If you have a detailed project or would like to ask us questions please do not hesitate to email us on we are more than happy to supply a no obligation quote for a made to measure order.

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